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  • Flurrio Officially Launches

    Flurrio Officially Launches

    Our social media platform, Flurrio, has officially launched! Designed to give you control over who sees your family photos, Flurrio was built with privacy and security controls to give you piece of mind. Content you upload is not used to train AI or used for advertising. There are no “suggested posts” or other intrusive content.…

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  • Fitbit clock face launched

    Fitbit clock face launched

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our first Fitbit clock face, which displays a circular progress bar based on your current heart rate and your step count. Circular Progress Clock As your heart rate changes, a circular gradient will update when you’re resting (white), in the fat burn zone (green) or the high-intensity cardio…

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  • New site launched

    New site launched

    Welcome to WaveCrest Studios’ new website! We’re still the same WaveCrest Entertainment, but are consolidated some of our projects and building new things under the group name WaveCrest Studios.

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